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Weight Matters

May 30, 2008

The Guardian had a story a couple of weeks back:,,2279456,00.html

which reveals that it’s not quite as clear as you might have thought whether a pound of feathers or a pound is lead is heavier.


Lego Indiana Jones

May 29, 2008

and in a similar vein to yesterday:

(the first minute and the last two minutes are the best bits when it’s more filmic rather than screenshots of a computer game).

Giant Lego Boulder

May 28, 2008

Our ongoing Lego enthusiast strikes again with an offering nicely timed to coincide with the realease of the new Indiana Jones film:


Just in case you missed it…

May 27, 2008

… here’s a chance to catch up:

TOTD was of course rooting for the pirates (Latvia) as Freshers’ Fayre has seen the Library stall staffed by several characters of ill repute (eye patches and all).  If you want to get in training for any subsequent uses of the theme of ‘buried treasure in the library’ here they are:

Rodents as a food source

May 23, 2008

and just in case you didn’t feel your academic reading was, ummm, meaty enough:


Plants that twitter when they need watering

May 22, 2008

oh dear…


May 21, 2008

No idea what this says, but it looks intriguing:

But here’s to a blog with a near namesake in including a ‘Song of the Day’.  (And if anyone can translate the entry – do let us know!)

The Real Facebook

May 20, 2008

Our first contribution via the new email address (

thank you for that.

Office chair race

May 19, 2008

This is suitably odd but then it comes from a source not far from the Office of Odd up the road from here (apparently some former colleagues’ bosses now rely on them to provide general weirdness when necessary):

Presumably Health & Safety types are having a fit.

weird experiments

May 16, 2008

(see particularly under ‘excerpts’).  Lots of weirdness.