Yet another search engine:

It’s not bad at disambiguation which seems to be their selling-point so it might be helpful for those searches where there are many meanings to a search term.  From their blurb:

“Clusty is different from other well-known search engines because it sorts your keyword results into themed files of clusters.

For example, a search for the word “pearl” can be split into sections listing jewellery, Pearl Harbour, oysters and even the music group Pearl Jam.

Using the site is so simple. Just type the keyword in and the clusters are listed in a panel to the left.

Use the tabs in this panel to direct your search to results from a particular source, or even to sites with a given extension, useful when looking for information on a government or country specific site.”


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3 Responses to “Clusty”

  1. Stuart Says:


    You are making up words now…..

  2. reden Says:

    Sadly not. I think it’s something picked up from Wikipedia.

    Try a search for ‘rush’ and look at the bottom of the page…

  3. Emma Says:

    Yes, I’ve used it on and off for a while, and rather like it. Northernlights did something similar about 10 years ago (they no longer exist), and I thought that it did it rather better – but that might just be nostalgia! (and far fewer pages for it to have to categorise at the time!)

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