How to…


Lot’s of ‘how to’ sites around the web; this one with videos:

Of course, these may not be skills you *ought* to learn…



6 Responses to “How to…”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Very amusing, but some of the other stuff in here is close to incitement to criminal activity…Arson with corn starch anyone ?

  2. reden Says:

    Needless to say TOTD does not take responsibility for any idiocy that may result from someone following these links! 🙂

  3. Stuart Says:

    I’m sorry this is not good enough. I have lost my eyebrows through following
    one of the “how to” videos, and you are saying you don’t take responsibility !
    I shall be asking my solicitors to sue for the costs of a hair transplant

  4. reden Says:

    No need. We’ve a stock of hair which you can use to replace your eyebrows.

    Also, check the Library Catalogue for material at 391.5 – _Hair and Fashion_, and _Hair: sex, society and symbolism_; or 364.12 – where amongst other CSI type stuff there’s an _Atlas of Human Hair_.

    Hope this helps your pursuit of the hirsute.

  5. barny Says:

    hmmm… I can’t click the link… what gives?

  6. reden Says:

    Good question Barney. I don’t know. I’ve tried ‘editing’ the post and saving it again, but it’s still unclickable. Hopefully it’s a one off glitch but I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks for spotting that.

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