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How not to do PowerPoint

December 10, 2007

Students have to sit through them (and prepare them), academics have to create them (and upload them to WebCT/Victory), even library staff sometimes have to get in on the act.  But here’s a cautionary tale:


Slimming photos???

December 7, 2007

Someone please point out where this admits that it’s an April Fool’s joke?!

The Animal Kingdom is dead…

December 6, 2007

… long live the animal kingdom.

Here’s news that nearly escaped us:

and the diagram at the start of the article in a little more detail:

French words missing in English

December 5, 2007

No word lover will want to miss this:


December 4, 2007

Yes, this is a commercial site, but you can listen all you want before you buy.  And if you’re really want free music (legally!), you can sign up for a ‘song of the day’.  Produces an eclectic music collection – but isn’t that all the rage?


December 3, 2007

No doubt there’s lots of these kinds of sites (feel free to comment with their details), but this is the one that’s been brought to TOTD’s attention:

a site for book reviews.  Obviously Amazon and LibraryThing hold reviews, but this attempts to specialize on the reviews and get away from one or two line comments by insisting that reviews are 250 words long.  And it cuts them off at 1000 words which “stops a review from becoming tedious and a novel in itself”. (Can we beg to differ?!)

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without offering social networking facilities to meet up with other readers.