Hats of Meat


Unlikely that this blog will be entirely library, book or information related you may be relieved to hear.  And indeed, the very first suggestion that’s come in (do feel free to suggest sites), is just such a one.  This definitely comes under the heading of ‘bizarre’ and the less said about it the better!



If you’re struggling with that, how about:

http://www.hatsuk.com/ where “all hat information can be found”

http://www.thehatmagazine.com/ if you want to read more

http://www.hathistory.org/ and http://www.thehatsite.com/historyofhats.html for a history of hats; and http://www.bullard.com/company/hardhathistory.shtml for a history of hard hats!

http://www.hatworks.org.uk/ for what is apparently the UK’s only hat museum

or perhaps you’d just like to shop:



2 Responses to “Hats of Meat”

  1. Linda Says:

    And almost 3 years later pop culture in the form of Lady Gaga catches up with us!

  2. 1000 addenda « Thing of the Day Says:

    […] https://reden.wordpress.com/2007/10/10/hats-of-meat/ […]

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